How to: Fitness for the Time -Poor

We have a lot going for us in this day and age, but the one thing we could all have a lot more of… is time!

Busy, multi-tasking

Whether you work full time while juggling a family, have young children or a buzzing career, it can be difficult to find time for exercise – or worse – motivation at the end of a long day.

Unless you make a plan and set a time you just won’t do it. There will always be a good, logical excuse to skip the gym/run/walk!

Below are some tips to help you find time and motivation in your busy life.

Work it into your commute to work

If you can walk or run to work do it! If it’s a sizeable journey try and cycle it. If you are not a fan of cycling on the road, drive or catch a bus part-way and walk the last two kilometres. Working exercise into your daily commute is a sure-fire way to get your daily exercise without even thinking about it.

Exercise in the morning – before you can think of excuses

Early morning run

How many times have you endeavored to exercise when you got home from work but never made it? Seemingly unable to lift yourself from the couch after a long day… there’s the dinner dilemma – you’re starving but can’t eat before exercise… Or its way too late after the kid’s evening routine to even consider moving.

There’s a simple solution if you can manage it: get up an hour earlier and do it before your morning shower. The first week is HARD. However, it’s said that making any significant change in your life feels like getting out of bed 15 minutes earlier than required – every morning. Just throw off the covers, stand up, and get to it.

Do yoga with your kids

They love it! This is something you can do casually at home with a YouTube teacher. Alternatively, many gyms offer child-friendly and child-aimed classes you can take your little one to.

Have a dance party with your kids

Dancing Laughing Toddler

Put on some music (NOT Old MacDonald Had a Farm or any overplayed child song that still gives you nightmares) and dance your heart out. Include running up and down the house, jumping and side-stepping for a cardio boost. You can work in floor exercises, squats or lunges between cardio reps. Your little one will sure to be enthused at Mummy’s funny dance moves.  If you are really short on time include cleaning in this routine. Be creative, be silly and get fit.

Take Classes

If you have an hour, make it count. Sign up for a gym that requires you to book classes and keep that commitment! Find a class you genuinely enjoy. It’s motivating to be with other like-minded people – especially when you find a teacher you like.

Catch up with friends to do exercise

Instead of drinking or eating with friends, kill two birds with one stone. Go for a long walk, ride or run and make it a weekly thing. If you are up for it, try something adventurous like rock climbing. This can be safely learned at an indoor rock climbing center.

Walk and Talk

Go for a long walk and call your mum, dad or best friend – and make it a regular thing. It’s hard to get time alone for a good chat. Maybe they will start walking too!

Don’t let it slip by you, fitness is important for stress release, sleep management and general health and wellbeing. It may take a little planning but there’s always a way. Try adopting a few of these options and get creative about what works for you!

For a little extra motivation see our other blog post “13 Inspirational Fitness Quotes To Keep You Going”.

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